Coronavirus Fogging Decontamination And Deep Cleaning Services



Living in the current Coronavirus Pandemic, it is important and crucial to have a safe and trusted hygienic environment for your home and workplace.
Giving reassurance and peace of mind through these uncertain times, GERMBUSTERS TEAM is the right team to put your premises into action with a bespoke COVID clean solution. We are specially equipped and certified.
We use Fogging as the ultra-low volume (ULV) method of disinfection. Anti-biocidal fog is distributed throughout the building including your air supply system, reaching every room, and hard to reach areas.
We will spray and chemically clean touchpoints, such as light switches, appliances, door handles, water coolers, etc.

Protect Your Home & Business

With a 99.9% bacteria and germs kill rate

To keep your space healthy & hygienic!

We work to contain infection across a diverse array of sites including:

Offices and shared working spaces

Private Homes

Hospitals, clinics and care homes

Schools, colleges, universities and nurseries

Laboratories and manufacturing facilities

Shopping Centres and enclosed public spaces

High street stores

Cultural Centres, Drama and Cinema Theatres

Vehicles and transport networks

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Restaurants and Cafes


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We execute a COVID-19 Decontamination Cleaning Service any time of the day or night and are fully trained, compliant, and ready to take action.

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We are fully insured, provide with Risk Assessment/Statement and have all the necessary PPE to deliver the Virus Disinfection Services

We are accredited with Citation, SMAS, QMS ISO 9001:


Professional Cleaning Services

    Domestic Cleaning
    End of Tenancy Cleaning
    Deep Cleaning
    Office/Commercial cleaning 
    After Builders Cleaning

Trusted Cleaners 

Extensively Trained

Full Insurance



Lesley Caldwell


“We used GERMBUSTERS TEAM Services in order to provide our employees with a safe working environment to return back to work. Excellent and professional services! I would highly recommend them!”


Eugenia Shepard


“GERMBUSTERS TEAM were quick to respond and highly professional. On top, they presented us detailed Risk Assessment and Risk Statement reports which explained how they disinfected our shops.”


Ronald Stokes


“We used GERMBUSTERS TEAM services to decontaminate our offices. The service was quick and efficient. Now we feel safe in the knowledge our working space is clean and risk-free.”

Excellent Cleaning and Fogging Disinfection Services For Personal, Professional, and Consumer Protection


All necessary technical information and SDS are available upon request.

Free site survey, bespoke cleaning specification, and no obligation quotation!


    N11 3NQ, North London England, United Kingdom

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GERMBUSTERS TEAM is a trading name of BON-BON VOYAGE Ltd

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